Trading Day
Trading Day

Episode · 5 months ago

Why CFD Traders Lose Money?


You might be forgiven to think that CFD trading is a dream job and it is very easy to make money through trading the financial markets via CFDs. But unlike successful CFD traders, many traders actually lose money and then go back to their day jobs.

Learning why most CFD traders lose money is important as you can learn from their mistakes and actually can become a prosperous CFD trader.

Become a successful CFD trader - 

You might think it's a glamorous lifefor those excellent c, f d traders when we often see the exciting scenes andlegendary stories from newspapers, magazines, books and movies contractsfor difference trading is an international investment. You can workalmost everywhere thanks to the internet, when most c f des knew bestart their trading life, they found it very easy to make money and will dreamof becoming rich over the night. However, it happens that the traderslose money easily to people tend to read some basic rules before the lifetrading. However, they will only learn the rules after real loss and look backon what had happened. Let's see what are the most common reasons to losemoney, lack of knowledge and experience. Some traders do not even know thebasics of the trading terms and have no ideas of any trading signals. They willeasily make wrong judgments, unreasonable expectations and take riskto win big with unreasonable expectations. Some c f d traders tendto take risks when big. This will always bring to the result that therisk is beyond control and the trader...

...will lose a lot of money. In many cases,some even will lose all the money in the account. Also, some traders do notset stop loss and take profits. They want to earn more when they have someprofits and they do not want to close the deal when there is loss. Poor, notrading strategy, good traders will study the market and establish theirown trading strategy and action plans. Unfortunately, most traders hadunstable trading strategy and easy to deny his her own strategy in realpractice, sometimes making it useless. Some traders do not have any tradingplan just make random trading like gambling over trading. Some traders istoo busy when sitting in front of the c f d, charts dozens of trades a day is acommon thing. For them over trading can kill an a count easily. Every new tradebrings new risk on the table and the traders always cannot make reasonablejudgments in short time. Eighty per cent to ninety per cent or more c f dtraders are losing money. Some exit the market and never came back successfultraders of those seeking long term...

...stable learning with reasonableexpectations. They study the market, have their own trading strategies andstick to it, though, the numbers of these traders are very few. Some ofthem can earn a decent profit for living from c, f d trading.

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